Paxlovid, Antivirals, and Risk of COVID REBOUND

A new study just published in Lancet shows that Paxlovid does not increase the incidence of rebound COVID infections.  Rebound is defined as an increase in viral load after a short period of recovery from a primary COVID infection.  The rebound rates in those who took Paxlovid were not statistically different than rebound rates in those who did not take the drug. The large study involving 4,592 people also found that rebound risk was increased in the 18-65 age group (vs older patients), those with chronic medical conditions, and in those receiving steroid treatment for an unrelated condition.  Also, the severity of the rebound infection was no greater in those who took Paxlovid than those who didn't take the medication. The hospitalization and death rates were essentially equivalent.  The conclusion of this study is antivirals such as Paxlovid should be prescribed to people who are at high risk of developing severe COVID.

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