Robert G. Schock, Esq.

Robert G. Schock, Law Offices
Oakland, California

I have utilized Dr. Gustin's services for many years and have always found his reviews to be competent and fair in their analysis of medical malpractice cases. I highly recommend Dr. Gustin's services.


Ian Zimmerman, Esq.

Law Offices of Ian Zimmerman
San Francisco, California

I have worked with Dr. Gustin for approximately 20 years and he has consulted with me on numerous medical legal cases.

He is legally very astute; indeed exceptional and is quite familiar with the myriad of issues that confront the trial lawyer. It’s very impressive and persuasive to see an expert of this caliber and depth of medical experience who can navigate with such agility in a real live court room. Jurors want him for their personal physician.

Highly recommended.


Gary Brickwood, Esq.

Gary Brickwood, Esq.
Redding, California

Over 30 years I have presented a large number of expert witnesses in a number of different disciplines and I have rarely had the good experience of presenting an expert as well prepared and knowledgable in the facts and expert issues as Dr. Gustin was in my case. Dr. Gustin was instrumental in helping me win my case.


Glenn Cunningham, Esq.

Law Offices of Glenn Cunningham
San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Gustin provided testimony on one of my cases, and the case settled in large part because of his compelling testimony. Opposing counsel told me after his deposition that he was quite impressed by him, and that he was going to give Dr. Gustin an extremely favorable review in his report to his insurance adjuster. In short, Dr. Gustin was a terrific witness, well-prepared and well-informed, and essentially made my client's case...


Louis Schofield, Esq.

Louis Schofield, Esq.
Schofield & Associates
San Ramon, California

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Gustin on a medical negligence wrongful death case with complex medical issues involving several areas of specialization including emergency medical care, infectious disease, inter-hospital transfers as well as compliance with Federal statutory requirements. Dr. Gustin took on this task and promptly provided a thorough review, analysis and recommendation for how best to present the diverse issues in a reasoned and understandable fashion. I highly recommend Dr. Gustin to practitioners seeking a fair and reasoned medical-legal evaluation.


Tianna R. Clore, Esq.

Tianna R. Clore, Esq.
Brooke, Shaw & Zumpft
Minden, Nevada

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Gustin on a legal matter where he served as the medical expert for my client. Not only is Dr. Gustin incredibly prompt in his response time to all communications and record reviews but he extremely knowledgeable and well versed in all things medical. Dr. Gustin goes above and beyond what is necessary to help his clients and ensure that they understand legal lingo. I highly recommend using Dr. Gustin as your medical expert.


Kelly Balamuth, Esq.

Kelly Balamuth, Esq.
Balamuth Harrington, LLP

Orinda, California I have been a medical malpractice attorney for over 15 years and can say that Dr. Barry Gustin is a rare breed of consultant. He is a delightful combination of helpful, accessible, savvy, personable, and intelligent. He understands the world of litigation and so approaches medical issues in a way that is relevant, useful, honest, and efficient. I am grateful to have found him.


Robert Kornfeld, Esq.

Robert Kornfeld, Esq.
Kornfeld, Trudell, Bowen and Lingerbrink
Seattle, Washington

Dr. Gustin has provided medical reviews for medical malpractice cases and difficult medical causation issues on personal injury cases. In addition, if Dr. Gustin felt that the medical issue was beyond the scope of his expertise, he quickly recommended the appropriate medical specialty in which we needed a medical expert.

Dr. Gustin is articulate, well-reasoned, experienced, and engaging. His ethical and realistic opinions helped me obtain a great result, a seven figure outcome, on one of my medical negligence cases.

Whether you are a defense or plaintiff attorney, I would strongly recommend Dr. Gustin to review any medical case to get an idea whether your case is meritorious or not.


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